Answer Steamboat provides Hospitals, Doctor Offices, Dental Offices, Health Care Providers, along with other medical professionals with a live answering service for their patients. Allow us to handle your high volume calls or after hour calls for your convenience. We provide a medical answering service in which we can tailor to your specific needs for incoming calls, as well as the delivery of your calls and/or messages.

  • Trained, experienced live-answering service operators allow us to handle any situation.
  • Service can dispatch emergency calls to you quickly and accurately.
  • Back-up procedures in place to ensure calls are delivered.
  • Urgent and non-urgent calls can be delivered in a manner you prescribe.
  • Operators follow instructions provided allowing you to conduct your practice efficiently.
  • We are a HIPAA complaint, medical answering service.
  • Customer service leaders are on duty at all times to answer questions.
  • Call screen option available to “weed out” non-urgent calls going to operator.
  • Redundant phone lines and back-up generators to ensure continuous service.

Contact us now and let our award-winning live answering service and outsource call center help your business.